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The Big Break


Singer-songwriter Josette, became well known for her extraordinary accomplishments on NBC’s “The Voice”, where as a High School student, she dove into the, often misunderstood, world of television production.  Working with highly respected artists such as Joan Jett, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and her coach, Miley Cyrus, further underlined the importance of music in this young artist’s life. 

Let's Back It Up


Behind every accomplishment however, lies a journey full of meek beginnings. At the age of 7, Josette wrote her first song, but never with the intention of impacting others’ emotions the way she began to do so on stage. She discovered a new love for creating music that a grand audience could relate to, transmitting feelings of love, loss, success, failure, hope, guilt, greed, and vulnerability. Self-taught on guitar and piano, Josette further developed her solo act and has performed on stages such as the Apollo Theatre, Billboard, The Bitter End, The Metropolitan Club, Symphony Space, Sidewalk and many more. 

What Is She Up To Now?


Do you wish to keep up and follow Josette on her journey? Be sure to follow her on all her social media platforms, as she is very active creating new music and performing live!