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Thumbnail to the "Hush" Music video.


I wanted to express my gratitude, as I know many of you have listened to, downloaded, bought and shared my single "Hush"! The response has surpassed my expectations!

Being an independent artist has allowed me to connect with my followers in a way I do not think would be possible otherwise. It has also provided me with the freedom necessary to be as lucid and authentic as I can be with my art. Your consistent love and support is the fuel to my artistic journey. It keeps me motivated as I work in the beautiful, yet crazy industry that is music!

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I am beyond excited to announce the release of the official music video for my single "Hush"!

As I mentioned earlier, one of the many perks that come with being an independent artist is having creative freedom! I can proudly say that the music video was filmed, produced, directed and edited by ME! When I wrote "Hush", I knew exactly what I wanted the storyline to be. As I am sure you can imagine, the most rewarding part was seeing my vision unfold. With all of that being said, I hope you watch and enjoy it!

Please feel free to reach out and share your thoughts! I love hearing your opinions!

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I wanted to give a special thank you to those who were involved with this project in some shape or form. Thank you Steven Martinez for producing "Hush" exactly the way I wanted it to sound! You are one of a kind man! Thank you to Joe Baez and Samantha Moore for participating in the music video and acting phenomenally! Thank you Julia Braverman for the voicemail..hehe! ;-) Thank you to my sister, Josbely Diaz, for helping me film. Thank you Dad, for being my number one! Thank you to my close friends, you know who you are, for having my back every step of the way and watching the project come to life little by little with me.